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Invest in Missoula. Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor, someone who is just starting to grow their real estate portfolio, or own the home you live in and want to sell down the road but lease for a few years it to build up equity, we’re here to help.

Residential Property Management

The right professional property manager can make all the difference in the world.  As a property investor, your goal is to make money and as professional property managers, our goal is to make sure that happens.  We have access to the same tools that all Missoula property management companies have, but it is how our professional property managers use those tools that sets us apart from the competition. 





Why Hire A Professional Property Management Company

One aspect of professional property management that many property investors overlook is the fact that not all professional property management companies specialize in all types of properties.  Depending on the type of property you have invested in, it is important that your professional property management company has managers who have the knowledge and ability to manage your specific property type.


Single Family Homes


Town Homes




Multi-Unit Buildings

At Missoula Property Management, our professional property managers specialize in leasing, management, and maintenance coordination in the Missoula area. 

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Is there a demand for rentals in Missoula?

Is there a demand for rentals in Missoula?

There is a strong demand for rentals in Missoula, especially for single family homes and duplexes. In May 2020, the Montana Organization of Realtors issued its annual report that described the rental market in Missoula:  " A tight supply of available rentals kept...

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The Importance of Applicant Background Screening

The Importance of Applicant Background Screening

If you own a rental property, chances are you fall into one of two groups – experienced investor or “unexpected landlord”.  Right now, let’s focus on the latter – the “unexpected landlord.” What exactly does that mean?  Unexpected landlords are those who...

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Client Testimonials

  • Brieanna is a very helpful property manager. She made the application process as simple as she could and answered all questions. Very understanding and friendly! Thanks for your help 🙂

    Hunter Harris Avatar
    Hunter Harris

    I was able to fully rent an awesome brand new apartment site unseen, while adhering to social distancing measures due to covid-19. These guys were very responsive and everything was handled smoothly all the way through the lease signing to moving in. I never once had to expose myself or anyone at their company because they were competent handling everything digitally. Thanks for the help MPM!

    Justin Eyre Avatar
    Justin Eyre
  • We just started working alongside Missoula Property Management and we've had the best experience! Kari and Kris has been easy to work with and super fast. They really know their business. We could not be more happy to work with such professionals. Kudos to Missoula Property Management and their whole staff!!

    Rodrigo Ferrer Avatar
    Rodrigo Ferrer

    5 star ratingMissoula Property Management has been the absolute BEST! We just started working with them and both Kari and Kris have been amazing! Superfast, super diligent, super nice! We could not be happier! Thank you Missoula!! Kudos to your whole staff!!

    Rodrigo F. Avatar
    Rodrigo F.
  • Great rental company. Fixes/replaces things in the apt very quickly. Would recomend to any one!!!!

    Jeremy Kuhn Avatar
    Jeremy Kuhn

    I've rented from this property managment 3x now and I can honestly say they have been a pleasure to work with, borh move in and move out process has been made easy. They are friendly, attentive, and have made my crazy life a little easier.

    Judith Jimenez Avatar
    Judith Jimenez
  • I've been dealing with section 8 here in Missoula which in it's self is a nightmare. MPM has been a God send. They have gone above and beyond. They held an apartment for me for over 2 weeks while the section 8 people screwed around and held everyone up. They were finally able to get me into a unit. It's very nice and I felt secure enough with them to rent it sight unseen. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the apartment. These people are a joy to deal with very personable and professional.

    Lisa Garberich Avatar
    Lisa Garberich

    Grace has been a great property manager! She has been quick to respond to my questions about my tenancy and is very friendly. Thank you Grace and Missoula Property Management!

    abby gill Avatar
    abby gill

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